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  1. Space Pirate

    Tutorial [C#] How to Merge Audio Files with NAudio

    Do you know what framework your project is targeting? You could also try and find a newer nuget package by searching for NAudio in the nuget package manager.
  2. Space Pirate

    Happy new year!

    Happy new year!
  3. Space Pirate

    Remember, 2.4GHz Wifi can interfere with Bluetooth devices

    This story starts some time back when i ordered a CHINESE router presumably from china but that's a story for another time. After some time i noticed my Bluetooth devices where a bit wonky at times, my Xbox controller missed inputs, and my Bluetooth speakers will at times, change a guys voice...
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  5. Space Pirate

    C# Using C# with Arduino

    It's a lot faster that's for sure. You can get sub 1 ms using native C for Arduino, that is with optimizations. See this more information: https://www.instructables.com/Fast-digitalRead-digitalWrite-for-Arduino/
  6. Space Pirate

    C# Using C# with Arduino

    It's quite fun and rewarding when you get the basics down, but it can at times be finicky but I'm sure you'll manage :). If i may ask, why would you rather use C over C# ?
  7. Space Pirate

    C# Using C# with Arduino

    So as a school assignment we got a task to make whatever we want, using Arduino. Of course my favorite language to work with isn't Arduino's C language or ASM it's C#. You can't compile code from C# to your Arduino. However you can communicate with the Arduino using Serial over USB. For those...
  8. Space Pirate

    C# CrimeWorld Devblog #1 - GDI/+ TextRendering and DoubleBuffering

    @Shenandoah said i should blog about the development of CrimeWorld, mine and @Psy little child that we've been trying to make now for years. We have decided to use WinForms with C# as the language with heavily customized UI controls using GDI/GDI+. I believe that we will be able to deliver a...
  9. Space Pirate

    Tutorial [Ultimate Guide] How to Write a Runescape Injection Bot

    It definitely seems like it's an issue with your IDE as opposed to with your code. If I were you, I'd try out Eclipse and see if it works on that IDE. Just to confirm that it's indeed an issue with the IDE.
  10. Space Pirate

    Machines Explained: Crushers

    Myself and @Psy were going to make a game that would simulate the reality of different processes used in the real world, sadly the game didn't come into fruition but the documentation of the process did. Disclaimer: I will not go super into depth about the history and the inner-workings of...
  11. Space Pirate

    A Post-Singularity World

    That's not a contradiction. Wikipedia I think an AGI could reach a singularity with much less "smartness" assumed normally. I don't think we have reached the limit if you compare against the new technologies. However i believe we're reaching the limit in terms of how innovating new...
  12. Space Pirate

    If this works, it's gonna change the forum for the better. Can't say more but if you're here...

    If this works, it's gonna change the forum for the better. Can't say more but if you're here after the fact; Welcome and enjoy your painting's ;)
  13. Space Pirate

    A Post-Singularity World

    Ayy! I do believe that in the future we will reach the singularity however when is the other question. I do believe it will be soon though i don't know about the field to give an educated guess when we could see something like that. There is a concept called "Technological Stagnation" Isaac...
  14. Space Pirate

    A wild Pidgy, Appears.

    Welcome man! Would love to see some of you work if you are willing to share!
  15. Space Pirate

    Tutorial Most easy 2D collision detection with simple math

    Of course! Never messed around with Typescript so this will be interesting 🏴‍☠️
  16. Space Pirate

    Tutorial Most easy 2D collision detection with simple math

    This is right up my alley, great work! I'll test it tomorrow for sure!
  17. Space Pirate

    Hardware A Dummie's Guide on Choosing The Correct Monitor

    Added "The Ultrawide Problem"
  18. Space Pirate

    OSRS Bots - Some Thoughts

    This is not an endorsement of botting on OSRS just some thoughts on what would make a cool bot. If you love the game, don't bot it. Tick-perfect (ish) commands for bot farms By setting up your own clan for your bot farm you will be able to send commands to your bots almost tick-perfect in sync...
  19. Space Pirate

    What makes a good coder in your opinion?

    It's a very broad questions with a lot of different answers. A good coder can be a person who optimized their code until every last line of code is as fast and efficient as possible. But that would also be a bad coder depending on the situation. Take this scenario as an example: The...
  20. Space Pirate

    What are you currently listening to?

    Hot dayum man, me like! I would imagine this would work well with some substances.