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  1. Space Pirate

    C# CrimeWorld Devblog #1 - GDI/+ TextRendering and DoubleBuffering

    @Shenandoah said i should blog about the development of CrimeWorld, mine and @Psy little child that we've been trying to make now for years. We have decided to use WinForms with C# as the language with heavily customized UI controls using GDI/GDI+. I believe that we will be able to deliver a...
  2. Space Pirate

    Machines Explained: Crushers

    Myself and @Psy were going to make a game that would simulate the reality of different processes used in the real world, sadly the game didn't come into fruition but the documentation of the process did. Disclaimer: I will not go super into depth about the history and the inner-workings of...
  3. Space Pirate

    OSRS Bots - Some Thoughts

    This is not an endorsement of botting on OSRS just some thoughts on what would make a cool bot. If you love the game, don't bot it. Tick-perfect (ish) commands for bot farms By setting up your own clan for your bot farm you will be able to send commands to your bots almost tick-perfect in sync...
  4. Space Pirate

    C# [Source] C# Dynamic Action Loader - An actual loader

    I remember back in my VB.NET days when I created fake loaders for my apps because i thought it would make the application look more "professional". Well i still think it's cool and pretty useful believe it or not. It does Measures how long each action took and how long all actions took to...
  5. Space Pirate

    Tutorial C# Graphics Programming with GDI+ for Dummies

    So you want to learn a dying, bloated and slow API by Microsoft ? Let's Go! In all seriousness I love GDI+ and even WinForms too, I started out making my first UI-only based games in WinForms using the ancient Visual Basic 6 language. I'm biased, there's no doubt about it, it's a dying (some...
  6. Space Pirate

    What do you think about StarLink ? Your possibly future ISP

    So if you haven't heard SpaceX have launcher around 360 satellites as of now 60 of those which are test satellites. In lay man's terms: Satellite internet should be faster than fiber optics a great deal more faster in some cases. The way it works is that there is ground-based satellite dishes...
  7. Space Pirate

    Visualize the Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) Stats

    I came across this site a few days ago. If you're interested in keeping up-to-date with the latest stats, check it out. Here's the link Also you can download the entire database here if ya want ;)
  8. Space Pirate

    Hardware Setting up Game Controller with InputMapper

    InputMapper is arguably the most feature complete game controller mapper for the PC system, it allows for advanced transforms of inputs and macros. In this tutorial we'll be using InputMapper 1.7 this is a beta version but it has some fixes toward Exclusive Mode that comes with Windows 10. I'll...
  9. Space Pirate

    Tutorial [C#] SFML Tutorial 2 - Drawing Shapes & Textures

    This is the second part of the SFML adventure, we will be focusing on Drawing shapes and going into the basics of Textures. What I'll be covering Creating and Rendering basic SFML Shapes like Rectangle, Circles and Convex Shape Transform Manipulation Loading an image and generate a Texture...
  10. Space Pirate

    Tutorial [C#] SFML Tutorial 1 - Starting off with Visual Studio

    SFML (Simple and Fast Multimedia Library) framework used for working with everything from 2D graphics to audio and networking. It's super easy to start with and super fun. SFML was originally made to use with C++ but luckily for us they made bindings for C# and a bunch of other languages like...
  11. Space Pirate

    Hardware A Dummie's Guide on Choosing The Correct Monitor

    What I'll be covering In this guide i will be covering the following topics: The pros and cons of getting 4K+ monitors. Monitors aimed at Gamers and Professional work and why you might want to go with a professional monitor either way. Refresh rate and Response time. HDR and Manufacturers. The...
  12. Space Pirate

    Tutorial Attaching Guitar Pics to Guitars

    So i got tired of always losing my guitar picks after a session with my guitar so i decided to do something about it. With my amazing and sexy brain i remembered that i have some Velcro tape (Aka Hook&Loop Tape) lying around. This is what it looks like on my Guitar: Items needed: Scissor...
  13. Space Pirate

    Hello World