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Rules & Guidelines

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Nov 1, 2019
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Quality Posts
Here at EctoTalk we try to maintain a good quality baseline with regards to the content that's posted on here. There are a few things we do not allow, and we also have some guidelines that we hope you will follow. The guidelines are here to help ensure that the quality of the posts here on the forums maintain a certain degree of quality. Here they are.

1. Please try your best to lead by example in creating a civil environment. Heated debates are fine, however.

2. No spamming/low quality posts on the forums. An example of a low quality post would be one containing only a word or two. This is unacceptable, so please make sure you have something to say before replying to a thread.

3. No doxing of other users on the forum. For those unaware of what that means, it means do not post any personal information about other users on this forum. If people want to remain anonymous, that's their decision and theirs only.

4. No sharing of software that can be used to attack a system in a malicious way. However, discussion of such software is permitted as long as the nature of the discussion is positive, and not aimed at exploiting another person.

5. Remember to have fun! ;)
Not open for further replies.